Featured Feline Tails

Each and every update we receive from our adopters is exciting, genuinely heart warming and helps to remind us why we continue to volunteer. Though our efforts to be a positive participant in our community come from within, it is incredibly gratifying to see evidence of the important roles we play in the lives of not only these precious kitties but in their adopter's lives as well!


Often we are lucky enough to collect a particularly inspiring, motivational, or comical follow up response from an adopter. Some adopter's also include messages of gratitude to a specific volunteer.

This space was created in order to highlight these, 'Featured Feline Tails'. 



“We would love to keep you updated on how things are going for “Michael Keaton”… who is now affectionately “Daan Tat”  to us - (pronounced like the name Dante but ending with “TOT” instead of “TAY”). Some of the kids call him ‘Dante’ as a nickname but Daan Tat comes from the Cantonese Chinese word for “Sweet Egg Tart”.

And oh my, how sweet he is!”


“Now that he’s been with us for over a month, there’s a few things we’ve come to learn about him that he kept from those who spent time with him at the shelter. He isn’t exactly the strong, silent type as once thought… he’s actually quite a conversationalist! He mews “Hello” back to us and is most chatty in the morning, probably asking how our night was, telling us how his night was and to hurry up and feed him already. And this whole notion that he is not really interested in toys… au contraire! Anything that dangles is much too enticing not to bat at but more than anything, he loves little balls of almost any kind - his particular favorites: small balls of yarn, a plastic cage ball with a jingle bell inside, and most especially, the glittery, “spiky” pom pom  ball. If he doesn’t get that play session chasing after the balls we throw yet, that pent-up kitten energy he still has really comes out to remind us!”

“He has really endeared himself to everyone here… including the NON-cat individual of the household. As a matter of fact, my husband looks forward to the moment Daan Tat comes trotting over to say hello and will marvel at all the charming and amusing dog-like things Daan Tat does. Daan Tat comes when you call him, he investigates things like a watch dog and will only sit back once he sees it’s safe and clear for us, he will play fetch and will drop the toy he’s fetching at your feet when told to “leave it”, and my husband’s absolute favorite: he likes to play several rounds of catch with his favorite pompom ball.”

“This little guy has totally won him over that my husband doesn’t even mind that he likes to take naps (which he really IS good at!) on his office chair or his chair at the kitchen table. The rest of us are totally gob smacked by how much he’s really taken to Daan Tat! But Daan Tat also spreads the love, spending equal amounts of time with each and every one of us throughout the day and night.”


“He has an adorable goofy side to him that makes him just perfect for us. He has brought such a lightness of being to our household and trust me, he definitely revels in it and always wants to be the center of attention. Even during his champion nap sessions, he’ll always peek out with one eye occasionally to make sure we’re still paying attention to him!”

“He has happily accepted being my top photo subject and is the star of my daily Instagram/Facebook post which I call “My Daily Daan Tat”. He brings a smile to all of our faces how could I not share that with my friends and family because in all honesty, we ALL could use a little gingery sunshine in our lives!!! Here are a few other pics from “My Daily Daan Tat”.

Thank you, thank you so much for bringing him to us!!! He was the perfect way to end such a disastrous year on a really GREAT NOTE!!!!! Sincerely with gratitude” - The Borns


Michael Keaton 

Fabulous Foster Shout Out To Sarah! We ALL Appreciate Your Kindness and Care!





“Hello!!! We absolutely hit the jackpot when we adopted Finnick, now known as Fezziwig, or Fezzi for short. He's been a great addition to our family and is a complete love bug, always seeking out pets and head rubs.”

“We've spoiled him rotten with buying him a couple of cat trees and a whole lot of toys. He'll even sleep with us on occasion, but sometimes prefers the comfort of his fluffy bed. He will also make biscuits and knead on the softest and fluffiest blankets. He’s a professional at this point, he’s done it so much!”


“We introduced him to our two dogs, individually, within a couple days but he paid absolutely no attention to them. We were so worried that he wouldn't get along with them, but he acted like they weren't even there! They sniffed him a little and then everyone was able to roam the house freely. Since then, Fezzi has been attached to our sides, laps, and faces. He loves to lay on our laps and will roll over into the cutest pose with his little paws up, purring away. He's also taken to grooming us, with licking my entire beard and licking my fiancé’s forehead. He also licks your fingers to say hi when you are petting him.”


“I want to say multiple thank you’s to his foster Sarah, who was an absolute wonder for listing him up for adoption. I know she loved him too, but she even said she could tell he was going to be going to a caring, lovable home with me and my fiancé. She was a wonderful person to meet and interact with, especially leading us through the whole adoption process. I've attached some pics of him recently (my whole phone is filled with pictures of him), but we cannot say thank you enough to your entire organization for adopting him out. You all are doing fantastic work, thank you, thank you!!

With warmest regards, Nick Schweiger”



James and Juno's Forever Home.

Proof purpose can be found on even the most unlikely of days. 


                 I certainly wasn’t looking forward to another appointment at the hospital that day. Though, I can’t be completely sure since so much of this continuing treatment for breast cancer has become such a blur. But I’d be willing to bet I complained to my husband on the way as I had done so often in recent days. And I can almost guarantee I sighed internally while making my way through the hospital’s far too familiar hallways.

               As I waited patiently to be called for my second Echocardiogram since beginning Chemotherapy, I don’t recall thinking about much of anything. Although I’m quite certain, the last thing I imagined this test would discover was an amazing forever home for not only one but two of PAW’s kitties!

               Now, you may be wondering just how a complicated, incredibly detailed, lengthy scan of one’s heart has anything to do with PAW Cats and the volunteering that has become so near and dear to me. Enter Linda. When the kind face of an Echocardiograph Technician entered the sparse reception area, I remember hoping she would call my name. And she did! Linda not only radiated a calming, friendly air, she was also incredibly sensitive to the situation that had led me to her office that morning. Linda instantly made me feel comfortable as we chatted while she conducted my scan. I genuinely believe that’s when fate stepped in and steered our conversation to a shared love for cats and the unfortunate loss of her family’s treasured pets.

               The rest, as they say, is history. However, in this particular story, I have to disagree. For Linda, her husband Rick, James, the boisterous kitten, and a young, once feral Mother cat named Juno, this is just the beginning. The first chapter of what I believe, is a match that was meant to be. 


                                                                                       - Natalie Cummings, PAW Foster and 'Cat Adoption Emissary'

Look for Juno and James

to be featured soon on the 

'Kitty Family Reunions' Page! 

Juno is not only mother to James but to 8 more of PAW's kittens who were each successfully adopted just before the new year. 

JUNO 1.2021

James & Juno



“You would really love to see these two. They are the sweetest, loving little things.

We have both of them sleeping in the bed now. Juno likes to either be in the floor playing around my husband's feet when he works or curled up beside him taking a nap. She has such a great smile. James and Juno are playing together now, romping through the house. My husband commented this weekend how for coming from a feral background how affectionate and lovable they are. I told him that must be because of the foster care they received. All the best to you and your family for the holiday season. Juno and James have brought a lot of happiness to Rick and I.” -Linda


JAMES 1.2021



"Great to hear from you. James and Juno are wonderful. We love them so much. We are so happy to have them with us. They are both so happy and loving. They are best little playmates now.

I have a large space in my living room area. We also have an open staircase that you can see from the top to the bottom all three floors ( like a giant cat tree). They are hilarious running chasing each other across the living room. You'll see one run full speed, then there goes the other one chasing that direction, then back again with James running sideways. We are at a lake and park. 

Our house sits in the water. We feed the squirrels and birds on our top deck so there is literally only the glass door separating James and Juno from birds and squirrels so that is very entertaining.

My husband is home 24/7. He gives them a lot of attention (a lot should be in caps). They are both in the bed purring with us at night. Juno is so happy, she smiles with her mouth open and looks like a cat on a cat food commercial. I hope you continue to heal and get strong. Best wishes for the new year!"- Linda




Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Lucy and Ethel - you've likely heard of these famous duos. 

Let me introduce an incredibly entertaining pair

you may not already know!

Actress, Comedy Magician and Clown are just a few of many titles used to describe Karen's talents as an accomplished performer. Last spring, just as the Pandemic's lockdown was setting in, I'm not sure Karen knew she was adopting such an equally entertaining companion!

Eddie quickly proved to provide Karen with as much enjoyment as she gives others, both personally and professionally. In addition to Eddie's never ending ability to provide hilarious, meme worthy photo poses, he regularly uses his magnetic, adorably, mischievous personality to make Karen laugh out loud. 


This handsome, orange tabby also happens to be the perfect, cuddly companion. Whether they're curled up on the couch on a lazy day or when Eddie lovingly greets Karen at the door ready to play, it's easy to see this dynamic duo was meant to be!

OH! Did I mention Eddie plays fetch better than some Golden Retrievers I've met?!